Goldsboro Borough serves 960+ Residents. Located 20 minutes from Harrisburg and York, offering affordable living, small community feel with easy access to the Susquehanna River.

—- Helpful Information —-

Emergency Phone: 717-554-7803

Tax Collection Information: 717-603-0902


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2nd- 30th 10 am – 2pm & April 4th – 13th 10 am

**(Please note: We will be able to accept credit card payments soon!)**

Goldsboro Borough Post Office: 717-938-6137

53 S. Kister St

Etters, Pa 17319


2022 Council Members

Ronald Combs : Email – Ronald@goldsboropa.com

Melissa Dunchock : Email – Melissa@goldsboropa.com

Nathan Huggins : Email – Nathan@goldsboropa.com

Donald Wilt : Email – Don@goldsboropa.com

William Toothaker : Email – William@goldsboropa.com

President – Cory Ensor : Email – Cory@goldsboropa.com

Vice President – Robert Charles : Email – Bob@goldsboropa.com

Borough Manager – Charlie Richcreek : Email – Charlie@goldsboropa.com

Mayor – Doug Smith

***Borough Council meets the second Monday every month at 7:30 pm***

Please be sure to include your ***ACCOUNT NUMBER*** on all utility payments to ensure

your payment is credited to the correct account! Thank you!

Debra Popp will be collecting taxes for Goldsboro Borough through the borough office. The phone number for tax collection questions is 717-603-0902. Office hours for tax collection will be announced soon.

As of January 1, 2022, Goldsboro Borough began using Fairview EMS Services.  You will be receiving a form for their Membership Drive beginning · in February. Should you have any non-emergency questions, please call 717-932-2260.

If you need help paying your heating bills or have a heating emergency, LIHEAP may be able to help. www.compass.state.pa.us or 1-866- 857- 7095

Bingo has resumed and will be held in the Borough Hall every other Friday night through the spring. The dates for February are the 11th·and 25th

Help Needed: We are looking for volunteers for the Civic Association please call the office for more information

Don’t throw that away…

If you have photo albums, pamphlets, old newspapers, collectibles, or stuff from

the area that you don’t want anymore, we would like to save it. You can give it to us


-church bulletins

-Odd Fellows pins

-G.A.R. buttons


-store signs


-local sports jerseys

-photo albums


luke.broersma@gmail.com 530-301-7486