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West Shore Recreation Commission

Goldsboro Residents eligible for discount rates!

Goldsboro Borough is a participating municipality of the West Shore Recreation Commission which provides recreational services for the residents of Fairview and Lower Allen Townships, Goldsboro, Lewisberry, Lemoyne, and New Cumberland Boroughs.


West Shore Recreation Commission, based on an agreement of intergovernmental cooperation, is dedicated to enriching lives by providing quality recreational and leisure – time opportunities for all residents.


Programs are designed for people of all ages, interests and abilities to have fun while enhancing their own lives. Activities include Active Wellness, Sports, Aquatics, Enrichment, Trips and Summer Camps. There are plenty of healthy activities that will spark creativity, keep the mind and body active.


Contact West Shore Recreation Commission:

Telephone: (717) 920-9515

Fax: (717) 920-9518

Mail: PO Box 413

Lewisberry, PA 17339

E-mail: wsrec@wsrec.org

Website: http://westshorerec.org/

In-Person: West Shore School District Admin. Building

507 Fishing Creek Rd.

Lewisberry, Pa 17339



P O Box 413 - 507 Fishing Creek Lewisberry PA 17339




Fairview Township                  John Minito, President                        Courtney Kent, Alternate

Goldsboro Borough                Donald Wilt, Treasurer                        Ronald Combs, Alternate

Lemoyne Borough                  John Leverentz                                   Joe Gargiulo, Alternate

Lewisberry Borough                Tom Thompson                                   Maureen Bereznak, Alternate

Lower Allen Township             Edward Black                                     Beth Ann McCoy, Alternate

New Cumberland Borough     Chad Wilson, Vice President              DJ Landis, Alternate