Regular Stated Session of the Goldsboro Borough Council held August 8, 2022.

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cory Ensor(President), Bob Charles(Vice-President), Matt Canzoneri, Melissa Dunchock, Don Wilt, Will Toothaker.


ALSO PRESENT:  Charlie Richcreek(Mgr/Sec/Treas), Mayor Doug Smith, Jason Statler(Solicitor), Chief Lutz(Newberry Township Police), Brian, Stephanie, and Jack Hannon, Robert Guise, Representative from Penn Waste, Representative from Republic Waste.

Pledge of Allegiance.

#1  Motion to accept the July 11, 2022 Minutes was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion

      passed by all Council saying Aye.


Council discussed moving the time to open up the Trash Bids to the top of the Agenda.  Jason Statler advised that Council would have to vote to move it on the Agenda.  Council agreed to move it on the Agenda.

#2 Motion to move the openings of the Trash Bids to top of the Agenda was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by

     Will Toothaker.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

The opening of the Trash Bids was held at 7:34PM, as follows:

Republic Waste                                               $  109,161.00              (1 Year)

                                                                            122,655.00              (3 Year)

                                                                            347,529.00              (Grand Total 3 Years)

Penn Waste                                                         120,783.00              (1 Year)

                                                                            135,711.78              (3 Year)

                                                                            384,524.76              (Grand Total 3 Years)

Council discussed and agreed to accept the lowest bid from Republic Waste. 

#3  Motion to accept the lowest bid from Republic Waste for a total of $347,529.00 (3 Year) was made by          

      Don Wilt, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

MAYORS REPORT:  Mayor Doug Smith advised that he is addressing a Chicken Ordinance violation, at 220 South York Street.

The Mayor advised that he will be sending a certified letter to Brian Wickard(Miller property on North York Street), in regards to overgrown grass.

Mayor Smith thanked everyone that helped with National Night Out.  He also discussed about having a

Community Fall Festival in 2023.  He is going to present the idea to York Haven and Newberry.  Will Toothaker wanted to make sure that the National Night Out money that is left over from 2022 will be kept separate from the Fall Festival.  The Mayor advised that yes it would be kept separate.

The Mayor discussed the Property Tax Credit for the Firefighter.  They would need to be a resident and also be a certified Firefighter. 

Charlie Richcreek gave an example if a firefighter owned a house, which is appraised at $51,000.00.  If  the Borough would do a Resolution, they would get $50.91 credit.  If the Borough would do an Ordinance, then they would get $10.18 credit.  He advised that the County Tax and School Tax would be where they would get more credit.  For example, if Ordinance would be done for the County Tax, it would be $70.26 credit and $107.21credit for School Taxes.  If Resolution would be done for County Tax, ii would be a credit of $351.28 and for School Tax it would be $787.21 credit.

Charlie discussed there are 4 ways to handle this situation:

  1. Do not do Tax Credit at all.
  2. Do an Ordinance  
  3. Do a Resolution.
  4. Taxes will go up for other residents to make up the credits.

Also, discussion on the Fire Chief would have to keep track of who showed up for the fire calls, etc.  They would have to provide this to the Borough, on a monthly basis.

Will Toothaker discussed developing a Resolution based on any active firefighter that meets the criteria, which is living and owning property in Goldsboro, that they would get their whole Goldsboro Borough Tax refunded.  They would have to meet the legal requirements, as per the State, etc.  It would include active Firefighter, Fire Police, Ladies Auxiliary, that showed up to help with the call and that they meet all the legal requirements.

Jason Statler(Solicitor) advised that he needs to check into this further to make sure of all the legal requirements.

Will Toothaker discussed making a motion to develop a Resolution based around the legal State requirements for active-duty firefighters being reimbursed.  Council discussed and agreed to do the Resolution.

#4  Motion to develop a Resolution based around the legal State requirements for active-duty Firefighters

      being reimbursed for tax credit was made by Will Toothaker, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all

      Council saying Aye.

Mayor Smith advised he is also planning on going to the School District to see what they can do to help.

POLICE REPORT:  Chief Lutz(Newberry Township Police) gave the Police Report for July 2022..  There was a total of 61 calls.

Mayor Smith thanked Chief Lutz for sending an officer down to National Night Out.

FIRE COMPANY REPORT:  Rudy Huggins not present at meeting.

#5  Motion to accept the Mayor and Police Report was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri. 

      Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

UTILITY REPORT:  ELH&P and Water Company as presented.

#6  Motion to accept the ELH&P and Water Company Reports for August 8, 2022 was made by Don Wilt,

      2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

ENGINEER REPORT:  Byron Trout(Engineer) not present at meeting.

Charlie Richcreek advised he is working on the MS4 and there will be a $500.00 fee to be paid to the County next quarter.

SOLICITOR REPORT:  Jason Statler(Solicitor)

Jason had nothing to discuss.


  1. BUILDING & GROUNDS:  Charlie Richcreek advised that Well #3 is doing good.
  1. EMA:  Will Toothaker(EMA Coordinator) advised that the Borough received a $10,000.00 deposit

for the storm IDA.  He has to give them some additional information and more money will be issued for the storm.

  • FINANCE:  Charlie Richcreek advised that, after the first of the month, credit cards can be used to pay Sewer/Water/Electric and Taxes.  The credit card company will charge a fee.  Residents can also use debit cards, as well.  Instruction will be on the Borough website and facebook.
  • PLANNING:  None
  • RECREATION:  Don Wilt discussed selecting an Alternative Representative for the West Shore Recreation Committee.  Melissa Dunchock volunteered to be the Alternative Representative.

#7  Motion to accept and approve Melissa Dunchock as Alternative Representative for the West Shore

      Recreation Committee was made by Don Wilt, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by all Council

      saying Aye.

  • STREETS & HIGHWAYS:  Ziegler Street is in process of being completed.

Charlie Richcreek stated that he had many complaints about the loose blacktop on the streets in the Borough, due to the repairs on the Pines Road.  Due to the extreme heat, it is not letting the blacktop get hard.

  • ELECTRIC UTILITY & WATER CO:  Electric – Charlie Richcreek advised that Mike Dubbs is recovering from emergency surgery.  He will eventually get repairs done to the street lights.

Water – None

  • ZONING:  None

#8  Motion to accept the Committee Reports was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed

      by all Council saying Aye.



NEW BUSINESS:  Discussion held on the vacant Council position.  Jason Statler advised Council that they need to vote on any nominees present at this meeting first.  Then, each nominee can speak and present their reasons for wanting this position.  Council discussed and Bob Charles nominated Robert Guise and Mayor Smith nominated Brian Hannon, as candidates for this position.

#9  Motion to accept candidates Robert Guise and Brian Hannon, as nominees for the vacant Council seat,  

    was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

Brian Hannon has lived in the Borough for 20 years and worked with the Boy Scouts for almost 15 years.  He works at Home Depot.  He is able to commit to this position besides holding a fulltime job.  He has a desire to help Goldsboro improve.

Robert Guise advised he was previously on the Council for almost 15 years and lived in Goldsboro for 15 years.  Has always wanted to help the Borough.

Don Wilt asked both nominees if they don’t get voted in, at this meeting, are they willing to run in two years when the term is up?  Brian Hannon advised that he would.  Robert Guise advised he would be willing to run in the election, as well.

Council then voted, by stating Aye, for each nominee.  Brian Hannon had no Aye’s stated.  Robert Guise received Aye’s for his nomination and was appointed to fill the vacant Council seat.

Mayor Smith swore in Robert Guise as new Council Member.

Jason Statler(Solicitor) presented Resolution 2022 to Council to appoint Robert Guise to fill the vacant Council position.

#10  Motion to accept Resolution 2022 appointing Robert Guise as Council Member was made by Bob

        Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

Will Toothaker discussed timeframe of building more offices in the Borough Building.  Charlie Richcreek advised he is trying to get all the outside projects done before Winter.  Then he can concentrate on the Borough Offices, during Winter .  His goal is to have them done by Spring.

Mayor Smith discussed the cost of the outside projects at the Borough Building and were there any bids.  Charlie Richcreek advised that there is 4-5 projects all rolled together.(Generator/upgrade to Electric in Borough Building, Parking at Borough Building, LP tanks, Flag Pole, Well).  There is EMA Grant Money, money from Utilities, Fuel money, Borough accounts, all going to these projects..

Don Wilt advised Mayor Smith that he saw the Fire Truck “cut the Square” in lieu of going around the circle.  Mayor Smith will address this with the Fire Company.

TREASURER REPORT:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) as presented.

Bob Charles reviewed the Utility Report/Expenses.

RECEIPTS – August 8, 2022

General Fund (Fulton Bank)                                                                           $        155.71

General Fund(Members 1st)                                                                                 58,194.90

Utility Fund(Members 1st)                                                                                  79,486.63

Recreation Fund                                                                                                           0.00

Planning And Zoning                                                                                                   0.00

Water Company Fund                                                                                           6,813.06

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS-Class)                                                                           764.92

Utility Fund(PLGIT-Class)                                                                                      853.23

Utility Fund(Members 1st) Goldsboro Borough                                                         15.18

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                 101.00

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                          94.69

General Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                              264.01


TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                                     $ 146,743.33

#11  Motion to accept the Treasurer Report for 8/8/22 was made by Don Wilt, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion

        passed by all Council saying Aye.

BILLS:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) presented the Bills. 

Bob Charles review reviewed the Utility Reports/Expenses.

General Fund(Members 1st)                                                                            $   32,746.01

General Fund(Fulton Bank)                                                                                 24,469.70

Utility Fund                                                                                                         49,520.32

Recreation Fund                                                                                                       169.52

Planning And Zoning                                                                                                   0.00

Water Company Fund                                                                                           4,552.34

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS-Class)                                                                               0.00

Utility Fund(PLGIT-Class)                                                                                          0.00

Utility Fund(Members 1st) Goldsboro Borough                                                           0.00

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                     0.00

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                            0.00

General Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                  0.00


TOTAL BILLS                                                                                             $ 111,457.89

#12  Motion to pay the Bills was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri.  Motion passed by all

        Council saying Aye.


#13  Motion to adjourn this meeting until Monday-September 12, 2022 at 7:30PM was made by Bob

        Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.