Regular Stated Session of the Goldsboro Borough Council held September 12, 2022.

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cory Ensor(President), Bob Charles(Vice-President), Matt Canzoneri, Robert Guise, Don Wilt, Will Toothaker.


ALSO PRESENT:  Charlie Richcreek(Mgr/Sec/Treas), Mayor Smith, Jason Statler(Solicitor), Chief Lutz(Newberry Township Police), Brian and Jack Hannon, Tina McDade.

Pledge of Allegiance.

#1  Motion to accept the August 8, 2022 Minutes was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion

      passed by all Council saying Aye.

CITIZENS REMARKS:  Brian and Jack Hannon had nothing to discuss.

Tina McDade discussed the new trash company(Republic).  She wanted to know about getting a second garbage can, if needed.  Charlie Richcreek advised that you would have to pay Republic Waste Company separate for a second can.  As far as the recycle can,

 you can put out extra cans.

Also, Tina discussed about 1 large trash item per week.  Charlie advised that you have to call into Republic ahead of trash day to let them know you have a large item and they will schedule a pick-up.

Tina McDade also discussed about getting rid of the Water Tower out in Shelley’s.  Charlie Richcreek discussed that probably next Summer work will begin to take it down.

MAYORS REPORT:  Mayor Doug Smith discussed the previous report of the Fire Truck “cutting the Square” in lieu of going around the circle.  The Mayor asked Don Wilt which truck did this.  Don Wilt advised that it was the Tanker.  The Mayor advised that as long as the Sirens and Lights are activated, they

 need to stop and make sure the way is clear.  If clear, then they can go in the opposite direction, if needed. 

Mayor Smith advised that he will be checking with the VFW, regarding not receiving their donation for the 2022 National Night Out.

POLICE REPORT:  Chief Lutz (Newberry Township Police) gave the Police Report for August 2022.  There was a total of 104 calls.

Charlie Richcreek and Chief Lutz discussed the Stop Signs on the Square.  Drivers are not stopping at the Stop Sig

n and then pulling out to see if someone is coming from the left and right.  Charlie was wondering if the red flashing lights could be put on the Stop Signs.  Chief Lutz advised that a traffic study would have to done by Penn Dot. Chief Lutz advised he can get data using the “Black Box”, if needed.

Tina McDade discussed the Square and if it was a “Round About”.  Chief Lutz stated that it is considered a “Traffic Circle”.

FIRE COMPANY REPORT:  Rudy Huggins not present at meeting.

#2  Motion to accept the Mayor and Police Report was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri.

      Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

UTILITY REPORT:  ELH&P and Water Company as presented.

#3  Motion to accept the ELH&P and Water Company Reports for September 12, 2022 was made by

      Don Wilt, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

ENGINEER REPORT:  Byron Trout(Engineer) not present at meeting.

Charlie Richcreek advised that the MS4 Storm Water Management Ordinance is ready to be advertised.

Jason Statler(Solicitor) gave his approval for it to be advertised.

#4  Motion to approve the amended and restated MS4 Storm Water Management Ordinance #2022-3 was

     made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Will Toothaker.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

SOLICTORS REPORT:  Jason Statler(Solicitor)

Jason Statler discussed ACT 91 – revised ACT 172, regarding the perimeters for property tax credit for Volunteer Firefighters and members of a Non-Profit Emergency Medical Services.  The document previously discussed was a draft.  The final form was signed by the Governor. The one major change is that the Municipality can extend up to 100% tax credit for qualified people, by either doing an ordinance or resolution.  The previous reviewed draft stated the Borough could give up to 20% by ordinance and 100% by resolution.  The final form provides 100% tax credit by either ordinance or resolution.  The definition of qualified people in the ACT would be active Firefighter, Volunteer Fire Company., Non -Profit Emergency Medical Services and qualified Real Property.

Any ordinance that the Borough would do for this situation needs to implement the criteria on how the

Volunteer qualifies for active volunteer services and would be eligible for the credit.  Listed below is the criteria:

Number of emergency calls to which the volunteer responds.

Level of training and participation and formal training drills for Volunteers


Total time spent by volunteer on administrative or other services which includes fund raising or facility and equipment maintenance.

Involvement in other events or projects that meet the financial liability of emergency response or operational readiness of the agency.

These are the criteria that the Borough needs to establish in tandem with every agency that they are working with a Volunteer Fire Department, Non-Profit EMS, etc.  What the Borough would do with Agency is determine what training and programs that they need to be compliant with.  What would be the hourly threshold and matrix that they are going to apply for and utilize for how an individual becomes an active service for volunteering.

The Agency(Fire Company/EMS) would be the primary record keeper.  Any volunteer that works for one of these agency’s and wants to apply for the tax credit, has to be signed off by that agency.  Then 45 days before tax notices go out, the agency would have to give Borough a list of qualified individuals that want the tax credit, for the Borough to utilize.  The Borough will keep the tax exempt list, as part of it’s records.

Prior to giving the tax credit, the Borough would have to approve each person, at a public meeting.

The other side of this is the denial and appeals process.  If a person does not meet the criteria qualifications and is denied the tax credit, they have a right to appeal.  The Borough can set up that procedure.  The person can also do a judicial appeal in Court of Common Pleas and have a Judge involved.

Other municipalities are doing this tax credit, as well, and there are other ordinances.  There are other considerations for the Borough to review to determine if this is the best option to recruit and keep the volunteers.

Will Toothaker discussed about the State doesn’t require a certain percentage and it is up to the Borough to determine who meets the criteria and what percentage to use.  Jason advised it would be determined, in tandem with the agency.

Jason also advised if there is a joint municipal entity with another municipality, and for example was part of it, Borough could sign off, if the other municipality is doing this program, on one of our citizens that meet the criteria and is interested.

Don Wilt asked how many it would cover for volunteers in the Borough.  Mayor Smith advised it would be 4 out of 20.  The parameters are already written down in the Fire Company By-Laws.  Will Toothaker stated that Council would still have to review them and approve them.

Jason Statler feels it is best to do an ordinance and it can be advertised.  It would take two months to do the process.  Both ordinance and resolution would allow up to 100%.

Council discussed and decided to table this discussion, until proper information is compiled.

#5  Motion to accept the Solicitors Report was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri.  Motion

      passed by all Council saying Aye.


BUILDING & GROUNDS:  Discussion on the annual SPCA contract.  Council agreed to approve the contract.

#6  Motion to accept SPCA Contract was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion pass by all

      Council saying Aye.

Discussion on advertising the Storm Water Maintenance Ordinance(MS4).  The Borough doesn’t have to advertise each page.

#7  Motion to advertise the Storm Water Maintenance Ordinance(MS4) was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by

      Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

EMA:  Will Toothaker(EMA Coordinator) advised that he signed off on more paperwork, regarding the Storm IDA.  Will and Charlie Richcreek are going to meet to finish processing the paperwork.

Charlie Richcreek advised the generator is in place, but not hooked up.

FINANCE:  Charlie Richcreek advised that they are working on the 2023 Budget.

RECREATION:  Charlie Richcreek advised that there is a group of people that would like to create a Dog Park. They would raise the money for the equipment.  They are asking Council to find an area to put a fence up for the park.  Jason Statler wants to check into the liability aspect for the dog park.  He advised to table this matter, until he can check further.  The group can start raising money.

Don Wilt discussed the West Shore Recreation participation for the Borough.  This past year it was 1.94% participation.  The year before it was 1.23%, which COVID caused it to be lower.

Don advised that we have 932 people in the Borough and Shelley’s.  The Recreation Commission fee is going up to $3.00 per resident.  Council discussed and agreed to accept the contract.

#8  Motion to accept the West Shore Recreation Commission contract, with $3.00 fee per resident, was

      made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

Don Wilt also advised that John Minuto, from the West Shore Recreation, would like to come to Council

Meeting to give an update on all of the activities that are being offered.

SANITATION & SEWER:  Cory Ensor advised that the new trash contract is completed.

Will Toothaker and Jason Statler discussed the Tipping Fee for the trash contract.  Republic Waste Company can increase the Tipping Fee, but they have to give the Borough notice.

STREETS & HIGHWAYS:  Council discussed the Intermunicipal Agreement for Snow Removal with the State.  Jason Statler stated it was all good to go.


Water – None

Charlie Richcreek discussed he wants to give the Borough Office Staff pay raises.  It would be coming from the previous budget, due to staffing turn-over, he did not give an increase.  Both of the clerks are part time.  Council discussed and agreed to give 5% increase.

#9  Motion to give a pay increase of 5% to the Office Clerks was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Will  

      Toothaker.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


Charlie Richcreek advised that the Fire Company is going to purchase the property on the Square for $55,000.00.

#10  Motion to accept the Committee Reports was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri.  Motion

        passed by all Council saying Aye.




TREASURER REPORT:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) as presented.

Bob Charles reviewed the Utility Report/Expenses.

RECEIPTS – September 12, 2022

General Fund (Fulton Bank)                                                                     $            0.00

General Fund(Members 1st)                                                                           29,117.48

Utility Fund(Members 1s )                                                                              73,682.49

Recreation Fund                                                                                                      0.00

Planning And Zoning                                                                                              0.00

Water Company Fund                                                                                $   16,408.42     

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS-Class)                                                                    1,282.57

Utility Fund(PLGIT-Class)                                                                               1,879.54

Utility Fund(Members 1st) Goldsboro Borough                                                     15.18

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                            155..01

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                   145.33

General Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                         405.20


TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                                 $123,091.22

#11  Motion to accept the Treasurer Report for 9/12/22 was made by Don Wilt, 2nd by Bob Charles.

        Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.

BILLS:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) presented the Bills.

Bob Charles reviewed the Utility Reports/Expenses.

General Fund(Members 1st)                                                                       $ 21, 586.27

General Fund(Fulton)                                                                                             8.00

Utility Fund                                                                                                    82,730.63

Recreation Fund                                                                                                  489.41

Planning And Zoning                                                                                              0.00

Water Company Fund                                                                                      5,622.61

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS-Class)                                                                         0.00

Utility Fund(PLGIT-Class)                                                                                    0.00

Utility Fund(Members 1st)Goldsboro Borough                                                      0.00

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                               0.00

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                      0.00

General Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                            0.00  


TOTAL BILLS                                                                                         $ 110,436.92

#12  Motion to pay the Bills was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all Council

        saying Aye.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Council adjourned this meeting into an Executive Session, regarding a legal matter.  Council will not be returning.