AGENDA ~ September 12, 2022

Call Meeting To Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Minutes (Council has copy)

  1. Corrections and additions
  • Stand approved as read

Citizens Remarks

          a. Necessary Actions:

Mayor’s Report

a. Discussion: 1. VFW Donation

2. National Night Out balance

                   3. Which fire truck cut the square?

                    4. National Night Out Balance

  • Borough left over – $800.00
  • Borough 2022 donation – $1,000
  • Spent – $870.91
  • Balance for 2022 – $929.09

b. Motion to accept Mayor’s report

Police Report and Fire Department Report

  1. Discussion:
  • Motion to Accept Police Report
  • Motion to Accept Fire Department Report

ELH&P Report and Water Company Report

  1. Discussion:
  • Motion to accept ELH&P Report
  • Motion to accept Water Co. Report

Engineer’s Report

            a. Discussion:

            b. Motion to accept report

Solicitor’s Reports

             a. Discussion:

                                   1. On Fire co. resolution

             b. Motion to accept report

Committee Reports

               a. Building and Grounds:

                                   1. SPCA contract

                                   2. Storm water ordinance                                   

               b. Emergency Management:

               c. Finance:


               d. Planning:

               e. Recreation:                

                                   1. Trick or Treat dog walk to raise money for dog park

                                   2. West Shore Rec

               f. Sanitation and Sewer:

                                   1. Trash contract is completed

               g. Streets and Highways:        

                                   1. Intermunicipal agreement snow removal

               h. General and Electric Utility & Water Co.:

                                   1. Pay raises for office girls

               i. Zoning:

               a. Motion to Accept Committee Reports

Reading of Communication

               a. Necessary Action

Unfinished Business

              a. Discussion:

New Business


 b.  Necessary Action:                 

Treasurer’s Report (Council has Copy)

              a. Discussion:

              b. Motion to Accept Treasurer’s Report

Presentation of Bills

                a. Discussion:

                b. Motion to pay all bills



              a. Motion to Adjourn Meeting