About Us

Welcome to the charming borough of Goldsboro, situated on the west bank of the Susquehanna River in York County, Pennsylvania. It lies about 14 miles from York and 11 miles from Harrisburg. Our community has a rich history and a vibrant present, making it a delightful place to call home.

A Brief History

Goldsboro traces its roots back to the 1730s, when Nathan Hussey and John Day, Quakers from New Castle County, Delaware, obtained a grant for the land on which our village now stands. Around 1736 Nathan Hussey opened a ferry allowing early settlers to cross the Susquehanna and in as early as 1740, John Day had erected a grist mill near where the Fishing Creek flows into the river. And by the early 1800s, roads had been constructed connecting the ferry, and by 1816 the completion of the stagecoach turnpike connected Goldsboro to both York and Harrisburg, passing through the village fostering growth and development.

Before the arrival of the railroad, the approximately 20 houses that comprised Goldsboro, were affectionately known as Martinsville, named after Martin P. Burger, who owned a store near the village. However, in 1850, with the completion of the railroad from York Haven to Harrisburg, the village was officially named Goldsborough in honor of J.M. Goldsborough, the civil engineer of the railway. Dr. Alexander Small surveyed the area and advertised lots for sale, marking the birth of our community.

The Borough of Goldsboro was originally incorporated as Goldsborough in 1864, the name was later officially changed to Goldsboro and since then, it has thrived as a close-knit and welcoming place.

Where is Etters?

For historical reasons, our post office bears the name “Etters”, after the postmaster Henry Etter whose post office drop was located at Henry Etter’s Tavern. Curiously, there is no incorporated place known by that name. The United States Postal Service prefers using “Etters” over “Goldsboro” when addressing mail to our ZIP code 17319.

Our Community Today

Goldsboro is more than just a dot on the map. It’s a place where neighbors greet each other, and where the Susquehanna River flows, offering scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. Goldsboro is also the birthplace of MLB World Series champion Greg Gross.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, we welcome you to explore Goldsboro. Discover our annual events and local businesses.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We look forward to creating new memories together!

Council Members

President: Matthew Canzoneri : Email - MCanzoneri@goldsboropa.com / Phone - (223) 259-0817

Vice President: Melissa Dunchock : Email - MDunchock@goldsboropa.com

Robert Guise : Email - RGuise@goldsboropa.com

William Toothaker : Email - WToothaker@goldsboropa.com

Ronald Combs Jr.: Email - RCombs@goldsboropa.com

William Clark: Email - WClark@goldsboropa.com

Brian Hannon: Email - BHannon@goldsboropa.com


Doug Smith - DSmith@goldsboropa.com / Smitty6827@gmail.com

Borough Manager

Charlie Richcreek : Email - Charlie@goldsboropa.com

Goldsboro Administrative Assistants

Samantha Smith - SSmith@goldsboropa.com / GoldsboroBorough@comcast.net

Darnell Musser - GoldsboroBorough@comcast.net

  • Debra Popp will be collecting taxes for Goldsboro Borough through the borough office. The phone number for tax collection questions is 717-603-0902.
  • If you need help paying your heating bills or have a heating emergency, LIHEAP may be able to help. www.compass.state.pa.us or 1-866- 857- 7095
  • Help Needed: We are looking for volunteers for the Civic Association please call the office for more information.
  • Dirt Bike and ATVs are not permitted on borough roads.