AGENDA ~ 04/08/2024 6:30pm


Call Meeting To Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Reading of Minutes (Council has copy)

  1. Corrections and additions


  1. Stand approved as read.



Citizens Remarks

  1. Necessary Actions:




Police Report and Fire Department Report

  1. Discussion:



  1. Motion to Accept Police Report:


  1. Motion to Accept Fire Department Report-



Mayor’s Report

  1. Discussion: 1. Borough cleanup day 4/27/24
  2. Employee Handbook
  3. Borough building generator
  4. Water St. underpass / FEMA


  1. Motion to accept Mayor’s Report


ELH&P Report and Water Company Report

  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to accept ELH&P Report


  1. Motion to accept Water Co. Report



Engineer’s Report

  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to accept report.



Solicitor’s Reports

  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to accept report.



Committee Reports

  1. Building and Grounds: 1. The yard sale is June 28th & 29th.
  2. Baseball field- What’s the name and address being used?
  3. Garage door.
  4. Leash law for the Borough.


  1. Emergency Management:


  1. Finance: 1.
  2. Planning: 1.


  1. Recreation: 1. Chili & Salsa Cook-Off


  1. Sanitation and Sewer:


  1. Streets and Highways:
  2. Street sweeping is on April 16th & 17th.
  3. Potholes are all patched.
  4. A tree came down on Fishing Creek Ave.


  1. General and Electric Utility & Water Co.:


  1. Zoning: 1. Cline property was all approved by the county.


  1. Motion to Accept Committee Reports




Unfinished Business

  1. Letter from Republic.







New Business

Discussion:   1. Goldsboro Athletic Association should not be using Goldsboro Borough Accounts for advertising or anything else.


  1. Necessary Action:




Treasurer’s Report (Council has Copy)

  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to Accept Treasurer’s Report





Presentation of Bills


  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to pay all bills.









  1. Motion to Adjourn Meeting