AGENDA ~ May 8,2023


Call Meeting To Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Reading of Minutes (Council has copy)

  1. Corrections and additions


  1. Stand approved as read.



Citizens Remarks

  1. Necessary Actions: Baseball Association
  • Baseball Association
  • York County Planning Commission – 10min presentation on 2025 transportation overview program



Police Report and Fire Department Report

  1. Discussion:



  1. Motion to Accept Police Report:


  1. Motion to Accept Fire Department Report:



Mayor’s Report

  1. Discussion:
  2. 1. National Night Out
  3. Reminder of current curfew hours while school is in session and during the summer (to be in      monthly newsletter)
  4. Rainfall and drainage on Zeigler and 1st Ave
  5. Sinking roadway at Butcher and S York St
  6. Operation of motorized dirt bikes both in town and Shelley's
  7. What is the cost for a permit to operate (motorized dirt bike) on private property? (for boro mgr response) per ordinance.
  8. Noise ordinance in town and Shelley's (what is the max decibel's or limit)
  9. Speed limit signs for both N York St and S York St both directions


  1. Motion to accept Mayor’s report.


ELH&P Report and Water Company Report

  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to accept ELH&P Report


  1. Motion to accept Water Co. Report




Engineer’s Report

  1.            Discussion:


  1. Motion to accept report.



Solicitor’s Reports

  1.        Discussion:


  1.          Motion to accept report.



Committee Reports

  1. Building and Grounds: 1. Windows



  1. Emergency Management:


  1.         Finance: 1. Check for AG Mauro Co.
  2.              Planning:


  1. Recreation:


  1.         Sanitation and Sewer:


  1. Streets and Highways : When the holes dry out.


  1. General and Electric Utility & Water Co.: Had a glitch on water system Saturday April 30th.
  • Need to replace utility.


  1. Zoning: Pole on square.


  1.          Motion to Accept Committee Reports




Unfinished Business

  1. Discussion:





New Business



  1. Necessary Action:



Treasurer’s Report (Council has Copy)

  1.        Discussion:


  1. Motion to Accept Treasurer’s Report





Presentation of Bills


  1.          Discussion:


  1. Motion to pay all bills.









  1. Motion to Adjourn Meeting