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The Goldsboro Electric, Light, Heat, Power Department also know as E.L.H.P. was established prior to 1973. The borough of Goldsboro buy's its electricity through the American Municipal Power, Inc. cooperative. The cooperative consist of 132 members through out 9 states.  This electricity is then transmitted to the borough via Met Ed's distribution network. The Goldsboro E.L.H.P. electric system currently serves a total of # meters.

For Emergency's Contact the Borough at (717) 554-7803 or
(717) 938-3456

Make Checks Payable to: Goldsboro E.L.H.P.
P.O. Box 14, Etters, PA 17319


The current Electric rates are as follows:

Base Rate: (Meter Fee) $ ##.## Per Month
Variable Rate: $ ##.## per KWH