Regular Stated Session of the Goldsboro Borough Council held October 9, 2023.


COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cory Ensor(President), Bob Charles(Vice-President), Matt Canzoneri, Robert Guise, Don Wilt, Will Toothaker.




ALSO PRESENT:  Charlie Richcreek(Mgr/Sec/Treas), Mayor Doug Smith, Jason Statler(Solicitor), Chief Lutz(Newberry Township Police), William Clark, Ron Combs, Luke Broersma, Kevin Cramer, Dan Herlt, Elsa Ault, Brian Hannon, Beth Geesey.


Pledge of Allegiance.


Cory Ensor advised that there was a revision to the Treasurer’s Report for September 11, 2023.  Council reviewed and accepted the revision.


#1  Motion to accept the Revised Treasurer’s Report for September 11, 2023 and the September 11, 2023

Meeting Minutes was made by Will Toothaker, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by all Council

saying Aye.


CITIZENS REMARKS: William Clark(5 South River Street) discussed the possible increase of the refuse collections, due to the increase of the tipping fee and fuel charge from Republic Refuse Company.  Charlie Richcreek advised this goes up each year.  Also, some residents don’t pay their trash bill, which has to be factored into the increase.  There is a proposal for a $2.00 and $3.00 increase.  William asked Council to keep the increase to a minimum.


William Clark also addressed the stop signs at North and South River Streets.  People are still not stopping.  Chief Lutz will have his officers patrol this area.


Ronald Combs(232 South York Street) discussed that the stop sign is missing down on South York Street near the bridge, but the post is there.  Charlie Richcreek

advised that it is the second time it has been stolen.  Charlie has used headless bolts to secure it and it still gets stolen.  He will check into the matter.


LUKE BROERSMA(632 Overlook Drive) discussed that he would like to take pictures of the bell in the tower of the Borough Building.  Charlie Richcreek advised that there is no ladder to get up to the tower.  It is about 18-20 feet, once you get to the deck to get to the access door of the tower.  Jason Statler(Solicitor) discussed that he will have to draw up a liability waiver.  He asked Luke to give the Borough Office his contact information.  Jason wants him to read it and then sign it.  Charlie Richcreek advised if he could wait until after the renovations are done, then it will be only about 12 feet to get to the access door of the tower.  Luke advised that there is also an attic door that can give him access, as well.  He will give the office his contact information.








Kevin Cramer(605 Hillpoint Drive) discussed that there are a lot of children in this area and the cars speed through the area.  He asked if there could be “Children at Play” signs put up.  Also, if there is anything else that could be done to help would be greatly appreciated.  Council agreed to put up the signs on both sides of the street.


#2  Motion to put up “Children at Play” signs on both sides of Hillpoint Drive was made by Will

Toothaker, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


Dan Herlt questioned if the agenda needs changed to make the above vote.  Jason Statler advised that the agenda can be changed after the meeting.


MAYORS REPORT:  Mayor Doug Smith had nothing to discuss.


#3  Motion to accept the Mayors Report was made by Robert Guise, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by

all Council saying Aye.


POLICE REPORT:  Chief Lutz(Newberry Township Police) gave the Police Report for September 2023.  There were 31 calls.


Chief Lutz advised he will advise his officers of the stop sign issue on River Street.


The Chief asked when Trick or Treat was being held.  Council advised 10/31/23 from 6:00PM-8:00PM.  He will have an officer be on patrol.


FIRE COMPANY REPORT:  Mayor Smith gave the Fire Company Report for September 2023.  There was a total of 9 calls.  There were 86 calls for the year.  There has been training and fundraisers held.  They will be attending 2 parades and a Fall Festival at Red Mill Elementary.


He advised that Newberry Township is either looking for a merger or regionalization for all three fire companies.  If regionalization occurs, all 3 fire companies maintain their current identity.  They will get continued support from the township.  If a merger occurs, we fall under township and public safety committee.  A fire commission would be put together.  There would be one Chief and he assumes 2 assistants or deputies.  It will open a whole issue regarding funding.  If a merger goes through, under the township, the Borough could be billed by the Township for services provided.  The Mayor reminded Council that there is an ordinance that provides fire service to the Borough.  Goldsboro Fire Company is not looking for a merger.  They would prefer a regionalization which would open the doors to whoever wants to join.  There has been no township supervisor at any of our Council meetings.


#4  Motion to accept the Police and Fire Company Reports was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Robert Guise.

Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


UTILITY REPORTS:  ELH&P and Water Company Reports as presented.



#5  Motion to accept the ELH&P and Water Company Reports for October 9, 2023 was made by Bob

Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


Cory Ensor discussed that they are looking at raising the rates for the Water from $12.00 to $15.00 per month.  Also, they are looking at raising the cost of 1000 gallons from $8.00 to $9.00 per 1000 gallons.  It will be discussed in more detail, at the November 2023 meeting.  The water system is 30 years old and a lot of money has been spent on it.  The reminder letters are not being sent out anymore, due to being too expensive.


ENGINEER REPORT:  Byron Trout not present at meeting.


SOLICITOR REPORT:  Jason Statler(Solicitor)


Jason Statler discussed the Noise Ordinance proposal.  He asked Council to let him know if there are any changes or suggestions.


Jason also discussed about “cleaning of the agenda” regarding Unmotorized Vehicles being on the agenda again this month.  This item was already taken care of and completed at last months Council Meeting.


#6  Motion to accept the Solicitors Report was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by

all Council saying Aye.






  1. EMA: (Will Toothaker – EMA Coordinator) had nothing to discuss.


  1. FINANCE:  Charlie Richcreek advised that a check will be coming from the Fireman’s Relief Fund.  It will be forwarded to the Fire Company.


Cory Ensor advised that a Work Session was held to discuss the increase in fuel charge and tipping fee from Republic Refuse Company.  Also, there are issues with residents not paying their trash bill.  In order to break even, Council feels a $5.00 monthly increase will be needed.


There was a general discussion on when it will take effect and if Republic gives notice.  The trash increase would take effect this month(October).  Republic does not give prior notice.  They just add increase to bill for tipping fee and fuel charge.  Council discussed and chose to increase the monthly refuse bill by $5.00.


#7  Motion to increase the monthly refuse bill by $5.00 was made by Will Toothaker, second by Bob

Charles.  Motion passed by all Council except one saying Aye.  Robert Guise stated Nay.



Cory Ensor discussed that there was a Work Session held to discuss the Budget for 2024.  There was a general discussion held on when the Work Sessions are held, which is the Wednesday or Thursday, as needed, before the week of Council Meeting.  It is an informal session to discuss issues.  No motions are made.  An agenda is on the table at the meeting.  Jason Statler confirmed that there is an agenda at the Work Sessions.  Dan Herlt stated that there has to be a 24 hour notice prior to the meeting.  Robert Guise advised that it was discussed at last months Council Meeting that a work session would be held this month.


  1. PLANNING:  None


  1. RECREATION:  Charlie Richcreek advised the dog park is underway.




  1. STREETS & HIGHWAYS:  Fishing Creek Avenue, Mansberger Avenue, and Water Street have all been paved.  The dirt and stones still need to be done.


Mayor Smith discussed when the bathrooms at the Park are going to be done.  Charlie Richcreek advised that there has not been time to start the project.


  1. ELH&P AND WATER CO:  Electric – None


Water – None


  1. ZONING:  None


#8  Motion to accept the Committee Reports was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed

by all Council saying Aye.






TREASURER REPORT:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) as presented.

Bob Charles reviewed the Utility Reports/Expenses.






General Fund(Members1st)                                                                                        $   35,309.51

Utility Fund(Members 1st)                                                                                               61,967.96

Recreation Fund                                                                                                                       1.52

Planning And Zoning                                                                                                               0.22

Water Company Fund                                                                                                       2,476.49

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS-Class)                                                                                           0.00

Utility Fund(PLGIT-Class)                                                                                                      0.00

Utility Fund(Goldsboro Borough-Members 1st)                                                                       0.00

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                                0.00

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                        0.00

General Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                              0.00


TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                                                 $   99,755.70


#9  Motion to accept the Treasurer Report for 10/9/23 was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Will

Toothaker.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


BILLS:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) presented the Bills.

Bob Charles reviewed the Utility Reports/Expenses.


General Fund(Members 1st)                                                                                        $ 114,406.54

Utility Fund                                                                                                                     51,859.20

Recreation Fund                                                                                                                   469.52

Planning and Zoning                                                                                                                0.00

Water Company Fund                                                                                                       3,386.54

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS – Class)                                                                                        0.00

Utility Fund(PLGIT – Class)                                                                                                   0.00

Utility Fund(Goldsboro Borough -Members 1st)                                                                     0.00

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                                0.00

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                       0.00

General Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                             0.00



TOTAL BILLS                                                                                                         $ 170,121.80


#10  Motion to pay the Bills was made by Don Wilt, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed by all

Council saying Aye.




#11  Motion to adjourn this meeting until Monday – November 13, 2023 at 6:30PM was made by Bob

Charles, 2nd by Robert Guise.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.