Regular Stated Session of the Goldsboro Borough Council held April 10, 2023.


COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cory Ensor(President), Bob Charles(Vice-President), Matt Canzoneri, Robert Guise, Don Wilt, Will Toothaker.




ALSO PRESENT:  Charlie Richcreek(Mgr/Sec/Treas), Mayor Doug Smith, Jason Statler(Solicitor), Chief Lutz(Newberry Township Police).


Pledge of Allegiance.


#1  Motion to approve the March 13, 2023 Meeting Minutes was made by Don Wilt, 2nd by Matt

Canzoneri.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


CITIZENS REMARKS:  No citizens present at meeting,


MAYORS REPORT:  Mayor Doug Smith discussed if there is any progress on the sale of the Square property.  Charlie Richcreek advised that he was not sure as to what the Fireman’s Club is planning to do.


Mayor Smith advised he was going to start working on the National Night Out for this year.


POLICE REPORT:  Chief Lutz(Newberry Township Police) gave the Police Report for March 2023.

There was a total of 49 calls.


Chief Lutz discussed the results of the Radar Speed Box that was on South York Street.  He advised that 28% of the vehicles were speeding.  He is having Officers start enforcement details.


FIRE COMPANY REPORT:  Rudy Huggins not present at meeting.


#2  Motion to accept the Mayor Report and Police Report was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt

Canzoneri.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


UTILITY REPORTS:  ELH&P and Water Company Reports as presented.


#3  Motion to accept the ELH&P and Water Company Reports for April 10, 2023 was made by Don Wilt,

2nd by Matt Canzoneri.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


ENGINEER REPORT:  Byron Trout(Engineer) was not present at the meeting.


SOLICITORS REPORT:  Jason Statler(Solicitor)



Jason Statler reminded Council that the Statement of Financial Interests form is to be handed in before May 1, 2023.


Jason advised Council of an incident where a resident told another resident that he was acting on behalf of a Council Member or Borough Manager(Charlie Richcreek), which he was not either of these people.


Jason advised Council to send a letter to this resident that he needs to cease acting under cover of Municipal Government, especially if he is getting in dispute with a neighbor.  He can’t say he is acting under the authority of the Borough when he is not.  Council discussed and agreed to do the letter.



#4  Motion to have Jason Statler send a letter to this resident was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Will

Toothaker.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


#5  Motion to accept the Solicitors Report was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri.  Motion

passed by all Council saying Aye.




  1. BUILDING & GROUNDS:  Discussion on the quote from AG Mauro for 22 windows, 2 steel doors, and a garage door to be replaced.  It will take at least 6 months to do the windows.  Quote is good for 30-40 days.  The quote is for a total of $326,000.00.  There is a separate quote for just windows of $228,000.00.  There was a quote received from Hershock for windows only, which was $15,000.00 more than quote for windows only from AG Mauro.


Cory Ensor is going to check with the Sewer Authority to give a donation.


Jason Statler discussed that Co-Star is a municipal bidding program.  Contractors can bid against each other to get the lowest price.


Charlie Richcreek said the Utility Fund can donate towards the project.


Robert Guise wants to make sure they are going to do as stated in the quote.  Council discussed and agreed, as long as there would be matching donations from the Utility Fund and Sewer Authority, and that AG Mauro does the work, then the quote would be accepted. The Utility Committee will meet 4/13/23 at 6:00PM to discuss  the donation.


#6  Motion to accept the quote from AG Mauro, contingent that there will be matching donations from the

Utility Fund and the Sewer Authority.  Also that AG Mauro does the work as stated in the quote.

Motion was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Will Toothaker.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


  1. EMA:  Will Toothaker(EMA Coordinator) advised he will check the FEMA Website for possible money.


  1. FINANCE:  Jason Statler advised that PA Legislature passed ACT 57.  It provides statutory framework for Tax Collectors and how they have to handle incidents where a resident claims that they did not receive notice of their Real Estate Tax.  There is a standardized process that every municipality is required to pass an ordinance or resolution directing their Tax Collector to follow ACT 57.  It is already advertised.  Council discussed and agreed to accept the ordinance.


#7  Motion to accept the Ordinance for ACT 57 was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion

passed by all Council saying Aye.


  1. PLANNING:  None


  1. RECREATION:  Charlie Richcreek advised that the dedication area for Lee Fishel, located at the Borough Hall, will be started this week.




  1. STREETS & HIGHWAYS:  Liquid Fuel deposit was discussed.


  1. ELECTRIC UTILITY & WATER CO:  Electric – None


Water – None


  1. ZONING:  None


#8  Motion to accept the Committee Reports was made by Bob Charles, 2nd by Matt Canzoneri.  Motion

passed by all Council saying Aye.






TREASURER REPORT:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) as presented.

Bob Charles reviewed the Utility Reports/Expenses.




General Fund (Members 1st)                                                                           $     25,886.40

Utility Fund(Members 1st)                                                                                   108,841.27

Recreation Fund                                                                                                      1,001.24

Planning and Zoning                                                                                                       0.23

Water Co. Fund                                                                                                       2,549.85

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS-Class)                                                                          3,277.51

Utility Fund(PLGIT-Class)                                                                                     2,960.00


Utility Fund(Goldsboro Borough – Members 1st)                                          $            4.58

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                 561.58

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                   34,695.24

General Fund (PLGIT)                                                                                             965.02


TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                                     $ 180,742.92



#9  Motion to accept the Treasurer Report for 4/10/23 was made by Don Wilt, 2nd by Bob Charles.

Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.


BILLS:  Charlie Richcreek(Treasurer) presented the Bills.

Bob Charles reviewed the Utility Reports/Expenses.


General Fund(Members 1st)                                                                            $   32,175.10

Utility Fund                                                                                                         80,508.36

Recreation Fund                                                                                                       169.52

Planning and Zoning                                                                                                     0.00

Water Company Fund                                                                                           4,359.58

Utility Fund(PLGIT/PLUS-Class)                                                                               0.00

Utility Fund(PLGIT-Class)                                                                                          0.00

Utility Fund(Goldsboro Borough-Members 1st)                                                           0.00

Water Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                     0.00

State Motor Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                            0.00

General Fund(PLGIT)                                                                                                  0.00


TOTAL BILLS                                                                                             $ 117,212.56


#10  Motion to pay the Bills was made by Robert Guise, 2nd by Bob Charles.  Motion passed

by all Council saying Aye.




#11  Motion to adjourn this meeting until Monday – May 8, 2023 at 6:30PM was made by Bob

Charles, 2nd by Don Wilt.  Motion passed by all Council saying Aye.