Trash and recycling update

Hello and Good Morning! We hope your week is going well so far! We know a lot you had some questions and concerns about the changes that changes that are approaching with the new trash company Republic. So, hopefully this post will provide answers. Our new company will be providing our residents with trash and recycling containers. Republic will only be accepting their trash containers. Multiple recycling containers are excepted, whether they are Republic’s or the resident’s. We also ask that you leave space in between the bins so the trucks can pick them up easily. Trash and recycling pick up will start at 5 AM on Mondays. Their start date will be September 6th on account of the Holiday. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out.

***NOTE: if anyone is in need of an extra or new recycling contain the borough building has plenty. Feel free to pick one up. 😄🚛♻️

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