AGENDA ~ 02-12-24


Call Meeting To Order


Pledge of Allegiance


ANNOUCEMENT: Announcement of executive session.


Reading of Minutes (Council has copy)

  1. Corrections and additions


  1. Stand approved as read



Citizens Remarks

  1. Necessary Actions:




Police Report and Fire Department Report

  1. Discussion:



  1. Motion to Accept Police Report:


  1. Motion to Accept Fire Department Report- Dave Kirkpatrick – Fire Co. incentive.



Mayor’s Report

a.Discussion:  1. Cody Report

  1. Water St.
  2. Web Page



  1. Motion to accept Mayor’s Report


ELH&P Report and Water Company Report

  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to accept ELH&P Report


  1. Motion to accept Water Co. Report



Engineer’s Report

  1.            Discussion:


  1. Motion to accept report



Solicitor’s Reports

  1. Discussion:


  1.          Motion to accept report



Committee Reports

  1. Building and Grounds: 1. Renovations to the Municipal building have begun. Windows are currently being installed.
  2. The office will be closed from Wednesday, Feb.-14- Tuesday 19. The Office will reopen on Feb. 20.


  1. Emergency Management:


  1.        Finance: 1. Raise for Borough employees. 5%
  2.             Planning: 1. Reland Baseball agreement.
  3. Restroom at the Parks




  1. Sanitation and Sewer: Red Light on monitor.


  1. Streets and Highways: Fishing Creek, Mansburger, Water St., and 1st Ave stop sign.


  1. General and Electric Utility & Water Co.:
  2. Water Co had a valve problem that has since been resolved.
  3. Resolution – 2024-03.
  4. Standard contract to electric transmission.


  1. Zoning:


  1.          Motion to Accept Committee Reports




Unfinished Business

  1. Discussion: Vote on resolution for code of ethics conduct.





New Business


  1. Vote on final subdivision plan for Cline print.
  2. Vote to direct Solicitor to file Petition discussed in Executive Session.


  1. Necessary Action:


Treasurer’s Report (Council has Copy)

  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to Accept Treasurer’s Report





Presentation of Bills


  1. Discussion:


  1. Motion to pay all bills









  1. Motion to Adjourn Meeting