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Municipal Sewer Authority

In December of 1984, the Goldsboro Municipal Authority was established with the purpose of providing for the construction and installation of a sewage system, including the collection transmission and treatment of wastewater. The Newberry Township Sewer is contracted and responsible for the processing of the sanitary sewer for Goldsboro borough.

If you have a problem with your home plumbing, please contact a local plumber to make repairs. If your plumber determines there is a problem with the Borough’s collection system, please contact the borough office at 717.938.3456. 

There are many different parts that make up the sewer collection system. The sanitary system (dirty water) starts with the drains inside your house or building that all connect to a lateral line on the building property. The lateral line then connects to the Borough’s mainline that makes its way to the treatment plant. This lateral line is the responsibility of the property owner. When there are blockages in the lateral line, the cap on the small pipe outside of the building, called the cleanout, can be removed by the owner or licensed plumber to flush or snake the lateral line in order to help clear a blockage. When a lateral line has a break, crack, or invasive roots causing a blockage, it could require the lateral line to be dug up for repair or replacement at a larger cost to the property owner. This is why it is very important to protect your lateral line from these expensive problems. A permit may be required for repairs and replacement lines. Some tips to help homeowners are:

  • Do not flush anything down the drain other than what naturally come out of your body and toilet paper. Avoid all sanitary products, cotton swabs, kitchen grease and oils, any form of wipe or so called “flushable.” These do not disperse and bind themselves all together to form large blockages.
  • Do not plant trees or bushes anywhere near your lateral line, roots seek out water sources and invade pipes.

Keeping the system running smoothly benefits everyone that uses it. The same items that could damage the personal property of a lateral line can become an even larger blockage when many users’ debris makes it into the mainline. These prohibited items could cause backups into many properties at once, damage to pipes and pumps in the system, overflows out of manholes, which could all translate into higher costs to the users.

Residents currently on public sewer are encouraged to contact their homeowner’s insurance agent to be sure that they are covered in the unlikely event of a sewer line backup. This insurance is the homeowner’s responsibility and usually is not covered unless specifically requested.

Payment Info

Make Checks Payable to:
Goldsboro Municipal Authority
P.O. Box 14, Etters, PA 17319

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    53 North York St
    Etters, PA 17319
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    Monday-Thursday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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The Municipal Sewer Authority meets the odd-numbered months of the year on the 3rd Wednesday at 7pm in the Borough Office. and is composed of residents and at least one council member.

Sewer Authority Members

  • Cory Ensor
  • Jim Toothaker
  • Bill Frederick
  • Matthew Canzoneri
  • John Gurchik